Downtown Image Survey Results - January 28, 2006

Vision and Mission:  To facilitate discussion, and take action on community and economic development initiatives.  Streetscapes also creates awareness and promotes downtown Lloydminster as a unique welcoming and safe community where people do business, shop, work, and live.

Downtown Image Survey, November 1 – December 9, 2005

Streetscapes Co. would like to thank all who participated in, and all who promoted the survey.

Streetscapes Co. is very pleased with the response to the survey. Thank you to all who gave their opinion!

Here is a glimpse of the survey results: 

1. What is your age range?
A total of 474 surveys completed. The highest percentage of respondents were from the 46 – 55 years of age category.

2. Where do you live?
71% of respondents were from Lloydminster, and 29% were from the surrounding area.

3. What do you like about Downtown?
40% responded – Character, Free parking, Shopping, Sense of community
27% responded – Banks, Clothing stores, cafes
19% responded – accessibility (vehicle and foot), Heritage buildings, new street signs

4. What does Downtown need? What do you want to see Downtown?
25% responded – more beautification
23 % responded - better infrastructure (transit, parking, overpass, shelter)
17% responded - more specialty, retail shops
8% responded - more restaurants

5. What do you dislike about Downtown?
24% responded - parking
18% responded - traffic
10% responded – the lack of beautification
9% responded – the run down appearance of buildings
8% responded – empty buildings

6. If you were ‘the boss’ of downtown what would you do?
49% responded – do more cleaning downtown, get a look more like Camrose, Whyte Ave, etc., provide business incentives
34% responded – renovate buildings, create more parking lots, re route the railroad, re-route the heavy traffic
13% responded – they would get more businesses downtown

The complete detailed results are available.
Detailed Downtown Image Survey Results
Please call 875-2520 for more information.

Downtown Image Survey Completed and Winner Declared - December 22, 2005

Congratulations- Kathy Franson
Winner of $400 Downtown Dollars for participating in the Downtown Image Survey

The survey was a tremendous success. Thank you to all who participated.


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