Alok and characters suitable for climbing rank in Garena Free Fire

In addition to superman DJ Alok, which characters are suitable for super fast rank climbing in Garena Free Fire? Alok is a character based on the extremely popular real-life Brazilian DJ with the same name. And he is currently considered the most skilled character in Garena Free Fire.

In general, this handsome DJ’s skills can be used effectively in both attack and defense. Especially when playing Duo or Squad, Alok’s teammates can also receive effects from Melody of Life. What is better for a party that is moving fast while being healed!

This ability of Wolfrahh can be combined with Hayato’s Piercing ability to deal maximum body damage per shot. That’s as well as combined with Laura to maximize firing accuracy.

Singer Kapella in Garena Free Fire has a skill called Khuc Peak. She helps increase the healing abilities of healing skills and items. It also reduces the rate of blood loss of a teammate when injured.

Shani’s skill is Permanent Armor, which helps this Street Engineer restore her armor’s durability after successfully defeating an enemy. After each kill, you will get 20 armor durability and can upgrade your current armor to level 3.

This ability will be better when you fight a lot, eat more lives. will get stronger with a lot of armor. You can choose to combine Jota and Caroline’s skills to create a Gun character.

Hayato is a legendary Samurai in Garena Free Fire with the ability to kill madly. He possesses the extremely frightening X-Giap skill. When using Hayato, you must align the amount of health lost and the amount of damage done accordingly.

Hayato is very suitable in a leading position rushing straight into the enemy team to change the amount of blood loss for the amount of damage. Especially this aggressive style of competition is very suitable for most Free Fire players.