Dota 2: OG earned more money than Tiger Woods in 2019

Sundstein “n0tail” Sundstein helped OG win the championship The International 9 in a convincing way, which also made him and his teammates become the players with the most bonuses of all time.

After a struggling 2018-2019 DPC season, OG took home 45.5% of TI9’s total prize money for the champion – equivalent to 15,613,611 USD. TI9’s award after 110 days of community fundraising reached 34,315,868 USD also turned this is the largest scale esports tournament in history.

N0tail, Anathan “ana” Pham, Topias “Topson” Taavitsainen, Sébastien “Ceb” Debs and Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka have turned OG into the greatest Dota 2 team ever with the achievement of the two matches of TI Lien. next. After the victory in TI9, each player of OG received about 3.1 million USD (not including personal income tax and the terms of division with the managing organization, …). That is enough for their names to lead the list of pro players who have won the most prize money up to the present time.

The esports expert Rod Breslau pointed out that, if OG’s five players were equally awarded the TI9 championship, they would be better off than Tiger Wolf – the legend of golf would only get 2.07 million USD this year. Even two women’s singles and men’s singles champion in Wimbledon (1/4 annual tournament of the world’s largest organized annual event), Novak Djokovic and Simona Halep respectively, were awarded only $2.9 million for a player.

9News Australia, an Australian television channel, said gaming ana earned more money than Djokovic won the Australian Open (over $2.7 million). Although golf and tennis bring more money and fame but now no one can doubt the rights that pro players top esports win.

The huge amount of money earned at TI9 along with about 2.2 million from the TI8 championship and many other big and small tournaments in their career, five people in OG’s squad have won over $30 million in bonuses within a year. Achievements in the most prestigious Dota 2 arena on the planet also raise the name of OG, making them become the esports organization that won the second prize in history, about 33 million USD.

On the chart, only Team Liquid is marginally higher than $200,000 OG. However, while Liquid invested in many electronic sports and participated in 1,600 tournaments, OG only focused on Dota 2, where they only participated in 68 events. In addition to the five members of OG, the top 10 pro players accumulate the most bonuses, including the top names of the professional Dota 2 team – including 4/5 of Liquid faces who have just lost in the Chung match. made a total of TI9 yesterday (August 25).

The next game on the list is Fortnite, the most prominent being the champion of Kyle Fortnite World Cup Bugha Giersdorf currently ranked 13th by earning $3 million. OG has written history as the only team to win the TI title and the future of Dota 2 is bright when looking at how teams compete fiercely in TI9 10 days in Shanghai, China.

That makes many people believe that TI10’s bonuses, based on community fundraising through the purchase of in-game items of Dota 2 players, have great potential to establish more memorable records.