DOTA 2 7.21D – Drow Ranger revived strongly from the ashes

Drow Ranger is considered the key hero at TI8 when becoming the top choice team on top priority. But since TI8, the DOTA 2 7.20 Update has turned Drow Ranger into an extremely weak hero, until some of IceFrog’s small moves are reviving this icy archer.

Looking back at the TI8 stage, the reason for Drow Ranger to become a key-hero of the whole tournament is that Passive Precision Aura increases a relatively large amount of damage to all ranged heroes and creeps, even summoned units. It is also a free-trade observation that is long-handed. And Drow Ranger has made the teams’ stage too safe with the horrible lane-support Support, mid-hero hero easily wins the road with the excess damage, ensuring the 2/3 lane you win makes money Important topics for snow ball during the midgame period.

Realizing this makes the metagame quite boring when too dependent on a hero, IceFrog has reworked both Precision Aura and Markmanship when internal time will add speed instead of damage and Markmanship no longer adds Agi. And this change almost deleted the Drow Ranger from the game when no professional team used it, the rate of picking in pubgame was low and the winning rate was poor.

DOTA 2 7.21D – Drow Ranger hồi sinh mạnh mẽ từ đống tro tàn của đợt rework 7.20 - Ảnh 1.

And then Drow Ranger slowly gets buffed back but instead of returning the old mechanism, this hero gets a lot of buffs in the basic stats when before 7.20 Drow Ranger has only 19 basic agility and agi increases by level only is 2.2 but in version 7.21d, the basic Agi is 29 and Agi increases by level 2.8. This makes Drow Ranger from being the hero who serves his strategy with Aura to a real hard Carry with a large amount of stats, a long range with Silence ability and extremely repulsive repulsion.

In addition to adding a lot of attack speed to the team from Precision Aura, Drow Ranger’s long-term teammates will be very strong in the middle of the game when there are some basic equipment though not as early as the old passive. But it is also a bad choice, especially the speed rating will be very strong in late game.

DOTA 2 7.21D – Drow Ranger hồi sinh mạnh mẽ từ đống tro tàn của đợt rework 7.20 - Ảnh 2.

A strong point of the Drow Ranger that many people ignore is the early Ancient Farm ability right from level 6 with the new Markmanship and can help Drow Ranger have a large amount of stuff right away thanks to the amount of gold and superior experience compared to competitor. Therefore, the most powerful stage of Drow Ranger usually comes earlier than other Carry when they need items to increase the previous farm ability and then to the main item and Drow can ignore and straighten up items like Shadow Blade, BKB to protect yourself or choose a good position to discharge damage.

DOTA 2 7.21D – Drow Ranger hồi sinh mạnh mẽ từ đống tro tàn của đợt rework 7.20 - Ảnh 3.

Moreover, with the tendency of the house to pick up the Carry or Offlane, such as Sven, Troll Warlord or Magnus, the Brewmaster, a sensitive Gust move of Drow Ranger will give you a lot of advantage when you stop the attack. The player has the opportunity to counterattack very well when the opponent is still confused.

After a period of constant buffs and players gradually finding new ways for Drow Ranger, a bit more selfish, more farmed and more burning, Drow Ranger is gradually reviving with a very strong win rate. from 48% to 54% in version 7.21d. If you need to find a Carry that requires dexterity and sensitivity in selecting location and skill handling, Drow Ranger is a better choice.