E-Sport is gradually becoming the King of sports

Five years ago, many people did not believe that an E-sport tournament had a prize money of up to 1.5 million USD. However, just five years after Valve introduced TI5’s expected $ 15 million bonus, Dota 2 fans are confident that they can overcome it.

Obviously this is not a traditional sports tournament, it is a video game tournament, among gamers. In many people’s eyes, it seems that this event does not mean any “sports”. However, it can be said that this is a sport, and it will soon become a king sport!

The development potential of electronic sports does not stop at a number. A lot of people have seen a future for this industry, they think its spread is not inferior to football. Movement tournaments are organized in huge numbers of participating teams.

Một trận đấu tại The International 5.

ESL tournament for CS:GO game has officially doping test on every player since 2015. Unlike many traditional sports, e-sport requires a lot of players’ health. They need to be alert, agile and a great strength when playing 4-5 hours continuously. Many types of energy drinks have been created exclusively for professional gamers, but there have never been any tests with these energy drinks before, about whether they have banned substances, and How these waters affect drinkers.

In the world too, many countries that recognize E-sport become the official sport in domestic competitions. Many Swedish high schools have recently taken e-sports to become an official extra-curricular subject.

Sách Compendium, món đồ Valve sử dụng để thu hút đóng góp cho giải vô địch của mình.

Huge attraction, increasing professionalism, more and more tournaments, the number of prizes has yet to stop, these factors are helping e-sports develop constantly.

If someone says “E-sport is the King sport”, maybe this is not true. But with the pace of development and professionalization as it is now, soon, video games will be embraced by the world, as an official sport. And the day E-sport will stand on par with football or track and field will come sooner or later.