FIFA ONLINE 4: Top 4 amazing shuttle midfielders during the NHD season

Midfield is a very important position because this is the area that connects the defense and attack in a team. In particular, the shuttle midfielder plays a special role to help you gain more depth in the squad even in defense and attack.

In FIFA ONLINE 4, the box-to-box is a very powerful weapon. The kicking right on the CDM position helps the ability to launch and attack the player’s ball in this position to be promoted. The following will be the top 4 good and cheap midfielders in National Hero Debut season that are most appreciated.

Lothar Matthaus

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Lothar Matthaus fifa online 4

Long thunderbolt shots are what makes Lothar Matthaus NHD’s brand. Not only that, the ability to read the situation and the ball into the ball very well made a true box-to-box midfielder. Abundant physical foundation is why the former German player is trusted by gamers. However, due to owning a small body and modest height, the situation of dueling disputes is the weakness of this player.


Kết quả hình ảnh cho Veron fifa online 4

The Argentine superstar is a famous player with long-range left-footed situations at the time of the game. The spirit of fighting blood and not afraid to collide is the strength of the former Manchester United midfielder. However, this player is quite less involved in the attack but often holds the position and recovers the ball in the middle of the field or sometimes will spark the counterattack from the home field.

Blaise Matuidi

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Blaise Matuidi fifa online 4

Matuidi NHD is a very active player model. With the ability to work extremely well on players, gamers can fully use this player with a midfielder with defensive tendencies whether you rank Matuidi in CM or CDM position. In addition, midfielder in Juventus shirt has the ability to dispute the ball is not bad, speed and ability to hold the ball very well.

Stefan Effenberg

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Stefan Effenberg fifa online 4

Want to own Stefan Effenberg NHD, you will have to spend 1 million BP. But this figure is not expensive for a well-balled midfielder, the ability to shoot away from the super plus razor-sharp passes. It is no coincidence that Stefan Effenberg NHD is at the top of this list. The most remarkable thing is that the German legend has a tendency to rock alone, completely mastering the middle area without having to pair with anyone. It seems that this is what makes this player develop all qualities as well as comprehensive ability to work.