PES 2019: Top 5 extremely crude raw gems in Master League mode

Reportedly, in PES 2019 version, KONAMI has some improvements with the Master League game mode to give gamers the most realistic football management experience.

In addition to building a terrible formation around famous stars like Eden Hazard, Neymar or Pogba, you also need to keep an eye on the raw gems that have extremely high growth potential. If you go to the grinding yard regularly, these gems can be bright after a few seasons with the towering set of indicators.

1. Lucas Hernandez

Defenders are a relatively unique position when in addition to skills need to have years of battle experience – something that is difficult to demand in young defenders, to judge what the opponent is about to do. However, seeing Hernández’s performance last year, there are probably many coaches who will not be sorry to bring this young man to the Master League football team in his PES 2019.

In addition, this player’s overall score in PES 2019 is 79. The index is quite high for young players and is capable of growing to more than 90 if played regularly.

2. Justin Kluivert (AS Roma)

AS Roma seems to have earned a bargain in the deal when it only cost 30 million euros to bring back a player who could become the dominant Serie A player after several seasons (if lucky). In fact, it is possible that Kluivert could not compete with Dybala or the latest Ronaldo, but at least in the Master League of PES 2019, Justin Kluivert is a cheap and delicious item that any coach dreams of.

3. Vinícius Jusnior (Real Madrid)

White vultures shocked the world to spend 50 million euros for a player who was only 16, even though the player was not eligible to join the royal team right then because he was too young to stay at the rock. Flamengo’s predecessor club added a year before officially becoming a Real Madrid player.

But in the 2018 PES version, many people tried their luck with Vinícius Júnior and succeeded when his index could reach 88. Not bad for a thin striker from Samba country at that price. However, many people are curious to know in PES Master League 2019 whether Vinícius Júnior will break his own limits.

4. Marcus Rashford (Man Utd)

Choosing British talent is a long-term investment and appropriate even if the price to own him in the early 2019 season may not be cheap. In the past two seasons Rashford has played a more important role as his playing time has increased significantly but in the eyes of Mourinho it seems that this player has not gained the necessary trust from the coach. The trainer has this personality, despite the fact that he gives you the number 10 shirt Marcus always dreamed of. This is a great opportunity for us to take this gem from Old Trafford in Master League mode.

5. Youri Tielemans (AS Monaco)

At the beginning of Monaco with the tradition of trusting young players with a cool reputation in the training of stars, make sure that Youri’s time at AS Monaco will be an extremely strong stepping stone on the way to becoming a superstar. Future. In addition, to be able to own this player in PES is not difficult when players only need to give a reasonable price to be able to get back to their club easily.