Top 6 Dominant Meta MSI 2019

MSI 2019 has ended, this is the time to look back on the most successful generals used by teams. Top 6 Dominates Meta MSI 2019.

1. Akali

In the list of few non-select generals, Akali is highly appreciated by mobility, as well as the special ability of snowballs to match the current meta. Akali is nearly unstoppable when used by excellent players like Caps, Faker and Rookie.

Top 6 Tướng thống trị Meta MSI 2019

Besides the middle road position, some teams also leave Akali in the upper road position and also achieve quite high efficiency. Each match has the appearance of the lone Assassin, this girl always brings a fear of psychology as well as the discomfort of the opponents.

2. Sylas

The 143th general of League of Legends once had a miserable period like that of the Master himself! However, MSI 2019 is the occasion where Sylas is changed. Just like Akali, the teams are ready for Sylas to take the upper or middle lines.

Top 6 Tướng thống trị Meta MSI 2019

Sylas has excellent resistance, can oppose the enemy with the ability to Hide / Catch. On top of that, Sylas’ ability to steal the last attack while in the hands of the gosu will turn into an unstoppable nightmare. MSI 2019, Sylas is a very “General” in the hands of Caps and Rookie.

3. Kalista

Not used too much, but both Kalist and Xayah get very high Winrate at MSI this year. Kalista won 100% winrate in all 6 picks. Xayah was picked more than 11 times, but also reached Winrate up to 72%.

Top 6 Tướng thống trị Meta MSI 2019

All 6 times Kalista was picked up at the round of MSI 2019. With 1 winrate could not be more beautiful, Kalista then also continued to be banned.

4. Xayah/Rakan

Xayah is a special general in accordance with the fire fighting style, early fighting of powerful teams like G2 and IG. Jackeylove is the one who won 100% with this champion, while Perkz also has 4/5 wins when holding this general.

Top 6 Tướng thống trị Meta MSI 2019

Of course, having Xayah is indispensable to her Rakan mate. Rakan is a strong support when it comes to possessing skills to protect and open fighting, especially when traveling with Xayah. The couple is particularly strong in the road and almost unbeatable when combined in fighting.

5. Reksai

With a very strong meta in early fighting, Reksai is really too powerful! And in the hands of highly skilled forest players like Ning, Clid or Jankos, Reksai will help the teams dominate early. This is not to mention this General’s ability to steal Baron or Dragon. Overall, Reksai’s skill set can be surprisingly high and easily gain advantage when fighting.

Top 6 Tướng thống trị Meta MSI 2019

6. Galio

Riot had to admit that they had buffed Galio a bit too much, so much so that he was in the professional arena and rank matches. Despite being nerfed many times, Galio’s position in the professional arena is still not overthrown.

Galio is a general in control of the map, does not require too high skill but still has great effect in the total fighting with Shield Durand and Super Heroes Christmas, but the skill can be combined between security teammate opened the fighting.

Top 6 Tướng thống trị Meta MSI 2019

Galio is a general in line with the style of Eastern teams rather than the West. Galio in the hands of Baolan and Mata both have very high winning rates, while the winning rates of CoreJJ and Mikyx with Galio are 50% lower.