Esports became the leading sport during the Covid-19 pandemic

Industries around the globe had to stop amid the Corona pandemic. Bars, restaurants, stadiums, and factories are all closed.

Countries around the world are being quarantined because citizens are ordered to stay home for weeks in an effort to control the spread of the disease.

We all wondered what things to do during the outbreak of the epidemic every single day. With the streets deserted and people focused on their screens like never before. The number of people watching streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and Hulu has increased every week since the on-site quarantine orders were launched, and people have to hunt for new forms of entertainment. It’s eSports!

Đấu trường Esport

As economic activity declines around the world, the esports industry is boosted. Organizers abandoned plans to host live tournaments and move to online matches, where they are finding a large audience ready to absorb any type of entertainment.

Today, Chris Greeley is a member of the North American League of Legends Championship, one of the most popular esports tournaments. March marks the time of the LCS Spring Playoffs. Usually, we will see teams play face to face on the field, with the audience cheering on the stands, at the venue of Riot Games.

The spring finals are scheduled to be held in Dallas, Texas, (USA), located inside The Star Arena, a 12,000-seat arena often used as a base for the football team.

In order to maintain the presence, many tournaments during the Coronavirus epidemic have increased the ability to host online matches. This is the goal of most tournaments, along with plans to deploy new streaming tools, revenue streams, and online infrastructure in the coming years.

Giải đấu Liên minh Huyền thoại

Instead, organizers such as the LCS, Overwatch League, and ESL Pro League take only weeks, even days, to put the primitive streaming plans into operation, in an effort to cut the work of the whole year.

The majority of them were successful. OWL hosted its first online games on March 28 and 29, and just days after, Blizzard Entertainment announced it would end the regular season by playing online.

The LCS stopped playing on March 13 when Greeley and his team hurriedly sought a solution to help the tournament survive. Just four days later, they came up with a completely online tournament schedule, and matches have been going on ever since.

The number of viewers on the streaming platforms is increasing in the context of home isolation orders being enforced globally, although most Esports organizations have not disclosed specific figures.