GAM Esports selected Cerberus Esports as a competitor in the playoffs of VCS Summer 2020

After the VCS Summer 2020 group stage ended, GAM Esports was not out of prediction to gain the top position. They are by Team Flash, Cerberus Esports.

This result allows GAM Esports to choose their opponents in the upcoming playoffs. Meanwhile, Team Flash will play against the other team in the top 4.

With many people’s comments, Team Secret is the most likely name chosen by GAM Esports. The reason is quite easy to understand, this is the favorite opponent of GAM and the golden army.

However, the choice of the GAM Esports coaching board to surprise many people when Cerberus is their opponent in the upcoming playoffs.

GAM Esports held a talk show about which opponent to choose. With GAM picking Cerberus, the remaining match in the branch to win the VCS Summer 2020 playoffs will be Team Flash versus Team Secret.

This can be said to be an extremely critical move of GAM Esports when giving the championship competitor Team Flash a difficult match. Remember also in the playoffs VCS last summer, Team Flash lost to Lowkey Esports 1-3 score.

Along with the selection of GAM Esports, the remaining matches of the playoffs have also been determined. Percent Esports and EVOS Esports will be in the losing bracket of the next phase. They will meet the losing team in the two winning bracket matches. With the new format of the 2020 VCS Summer Playoffs.

Just counting the head-to-head performance in the group stage, GAM Esports was completely superior. That’s when they won CES in both the first and second rounds.

Team Flash has improved in recent matches. They are considered the biggest competitor of GAM Esports for the VCS Summer Championship 2020. Therefore, Cerberus’s chance of winning is considered to be much lower than the opponent.