Logitech G League 2020 – Puppies Esports and We Are Impostors champions

The Logitech G League 2020 Play at home tournament hosted by Logitech has come to an end after 3 weeks of competition. And the Community group championship went to the We Are Impostors team and the semi-specialized group was Puppies Esports.

The finals of the Logitech G League 2020 Play at home tournament took place very excitingly, both finals needed game 3 to win. Representing the community group stage are We Are Impostors and Nbie.

In the first final, Nbie proved to be a formidable opponent when he took the lead with We Are Impostors 1-0. The members who came all got their rank of Master, Challenge.

However, it seems that Nbie’s playing experience was not much, making it difficult for Nbie to finish We Are Impostors. They let their opponents go upstream in the next 2 games. Thereby We Are Impostors officially crowned the community table champion, Nbie ranked second.

It can be said that this is a very surprising result for We Are Impostors. More attractive than the community final is the semi-professional final between Puppies Esports and Communist Youth. That’s when both show the audience their eye-catching skills.

As the academy team of the Cerberus organization. Puppies Esports possesses heavyweight players, quickly winning 1-0 against their opponents. Although Communist Youth leveled in game 2, but with his playing experience Puppies Esports regained his stance in the decisive game.

In the end, Puppies Esports ended the opponent with a score of 2-1, becoming the champion of the Logitech G League 2020 Play at home tournament. In addition to the award, Puppies Esports also received an Acer Predator XB253QGX gaming monitor.

In the Semi-Professional Group, the most anticipated match is the last two pairs with the presence of 20secs streamer. Before that, Puppies eSports had a pretty easy victory over his opponent, Fregards. Logitech G will also host Give Away many exciting giveaways on the livestream.