Rocket League

The Game

Rocket League was released in 2015 and has already established itself as one of the most played multiplayer games online. When it came out it took the gaming industry by storm, gaining much acclaim and acquiring a loyal base of regular players.

In essence, it is a soccer game that features rocket-propelled cars. Two teams compete to outscore each other. These teams are comprised of two to four cars. Gamers have several customization options to choose from. They can change the layout of the map and the look of the ball.

Most significantly, they can upgrade and tweak the skin of their vehicle. This allows each player to express their own individuality so that others can easily identify and remember them. As the match progresses there is a dynamic setlist of songs to listen to. These are designed to make the action more exciting and immersive. As time has gone by new tracks have been added to keep the music fresh.

As An E-Sport

Since Rocket League is both a car and a soccer game, it is also ideal for e-sports. When played competitively, teams use tactics similar to those seen on other sporting titles such as FIFA. There are two main elements to this: defense and offense.

With a maximum of four players per team, each person needs to be assigned a specific role. Usually, two players stay close to their own goal in order to defend it. The other two work as strikers, attempting to score on the other side of the pitch.

Every team has its own methods of trying to gain an upper hand. When playing in tournaments, the winners have to think of ways to outsmart their opponents. These can include using one car as a distraction while another sneaks in a goal. However, since the ball movements can be random sometimes luck can play an important role.