Team Fortress 2

The Game

Released in 2007, TF2 is a first-person shooter that requires a heavy amount of teamwork. Two factions compete in a variety of game modes. The most popular ones include deathmatch, capture-the-flag, and king of the hill. After being around for more than a decade, the game continues to entice players- both old and new.

This is due to its fun tone and the colorful world that the story takes place in. The addictive gameplay is another important reason for its endurance. Unlike other first-person shooters that have a realistic and militaristic style, TF2 is much more cartoonish and over the top.

Critical acclaim has also been given to its sense of humor. This is due to the writing of the nine main playable characters. The game’s developer Valve continues to release additional content. This includes new maps and weapons, as well as important bug fixes.

As An E-Sport

When played competitively the winning team will be the one that has assigned the right combination of character classes. These are divided into three categories: defensive, offensive and support. It can be tempting to choose the character who has the biggest gun. However, if everyone plays the same role then they will be overpowered and outsmarted by the opposing team.

Every type of character is needed in some capacity. Defensive players ensure that the enemy does not win the round. Offensive players attack their foes and score points. Players with a support role can snipe people and heal those who are damaged.

The most famous playable character is the spy. He is featured on the artwork and in the video media used to advertise the game. Due to his prominent appearances a large number of gamers choose him as their first character to play as. He has a number of covert tools used to sabotage enemy positions.