World of Warcraft

The Game

World of Warcraft is one of the most popular online multiplayer games on the market. It has had a number of expansions and upgrades since its original 2004 release. The fact that WoW has continued to maintain a player base after 15 years is mostly due to its expansive map.

WoW is set in the fictional land of Azeroth. Players take control of a fantasy character. At the start of the game they decide which creature to play as. This can include humans, dwarves, gnomes and zombies. There are two rival factions: one good, the other evil. This means that gamers will band together in order to defeat those on the opposing team.

Players love the escapist fantasy elements of the game. They are transported to an exotic world full of adventure and dangers to overcome. While some people prefer to explore WoW solo, it is much more enjoyable when played with multiple people.

WoW as an E-sport

WoW works well as a multiplayer e-sport due to its team based gameplay. There are numerous quests to complete. Some are exceedingly difficult and require a large amount of skill and planning. Tactics are a key part of overcoming these quests.

Each member of the team needs to have their own unique role that aids everyone else. Some will focus on strength so that they can defeat enemies. Others will take on the role of healer, keeping their teammates alive when they take on heavy damage. Ranged magic spells are very useful for attacking foes from distances. For this reason an e-sport team will usually have a mage with them.

Competitive WoW requires mathematical skill and knowledge of the best ways to fight enemies. Players can power up and acquire effective new weapons and spells. Utilizing these in the best way is an important aspect of winning the game.