PUBG is gradually becoming a ‘Dead Game’?

PUBG has been in a serious decline in popularity for a while now in 2019.

2019 can be considered a sad milestone for PUBG and lovers of this game when this is the year when the number of players dropped dramatically. The first sad milestone is at the end of July 2019, this is the second consecutive month the number of highest players has dropped below 800,000 and the lowest since August 2017. And in December, PUBG also dropped even more pathetic when there were just over 300,000 average players and 686,000+ players at the highest moment.

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Meanwhile, compared to other older games on Steam, PUBG also dropped below DOTA 2 and CS:GO. Perhaps after a period of testing the new genre is Battle Royale, players have gradually become bored and want to return to the classic games but always have a new one. A special feature is that CS: GO reached a peak of 767,000 players last month, the highest since January 2017.

One of the most important causes of PUBG’s sharp decline is hacking and rampant fraud. The main representative of PUBG Corp also said that they had to give about 100,000 accounts a day for hacking, which shows that PUBG fraud is too easy. Moreover, the direct competitor to PUBG is Fortnite, which flourished in Western countries as well as the reason this game lost its players.

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Another indirect reason that pushed PUBG into a decline in players was the introduction of the Auto Chess series. Remember that most gamers play PUBG because of the trend because it’s a hot game when there is another hot game coming out, many people are willing to leave it and follow the trend. Although Auto Chess is not a major cause, it also takes away a large number of players from PUBG.

Besides, classic games like CS: GO and DOTA 2 still retain their own appeal from the big tournaments or extremely high competition available. Facing so many disadvantages, it is natural for PUBG to drop players, it will not be surprising when 2020 is the year when the number of gamers attached to this game reaches the bottom.