PUBG Mobile is getting heavier

Although the older iPhone models with 16GB capacity are still quite cool when playing PUBG Mobile, but quite weak when there is not enough space to update the game.

Clearly PUBG Mobile is a mobile game that is quite pleasing to gamers when smartphones are a bit old, for example iPhone 6, iPhone 6S launched in 2014 up to 5 years ago can still be played but not very smooth ( with Android phones, it is a bit more drowned, it takes about 2-3 years to be fine). One problem, however, is that the memory of the current 16GB versions cannot be used anymore.

Specifically, PUBG Mobile takes up 4 – 5GB of memory (depending on the version), while the operating system with the basic software has up to 10 GB and there is about 1 – 2GB for photos and videos. Just a rough calculation like that, I see that there is a lack of space, by the time the game needs to be updated, it must be downloaded to reinstall so it obviously has no space to download the installation file…

Kết quả hình ảnh cho PUBG Mobile is getting heavier"Currently, many gamers are expressing their distress at the fact that the iPhone that has been with me for many years no longer meets the needs of playing PUBG Mobile anymore, accompanied by the message “unable to install PUBG Mobile”.

Of course, if you try, gamers still have a way to temporarily solve the situation, which is to remove PUBG Mobile directly and download it again from the AppStore. By doing so, the space will be temporarily released and a new version will be available to play. However, each update requires reloading from the beginning relatively time-consuming and inconvenient, not to mention needing to login the game again.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho PUBG Mobile is getting heavier"

If any of you invite to play that meet the update, to wait until half an hour struggling to delete the login settings, it is a disaster! Not to mention when you go out on the road using 4G network is considered to stop playing the game…

The most effective solution for this case is upgrading a new smartphone with a larger capacity. However, it is obvious that you will spend money to buy, a new iPhone like the X or 11 with a minimum capacity of 64GB is more than enough to play PUBG Mobile but it costs up to tens of millions of dong, and upgrade to the version. iPhone 7, iPhone 8 will only be a short time to get old and need to buy another soon.

This is really a difficult problem for gamers because every game needs to be upgraded to update new features, fix errors so it is difficult to keep the size of the balloon and requires downloading a large file. PUBG Mobile is no exception, so gamers have to save money to upgrade and buy a new smartphone, but there is no better method.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho PUBG Mobile is getting heavier"

The advice for all gamers is to buy a smartphone with a bit of extra capacity, do not be cheap to choose the lowest version to save a few million and then use for a few years is to become cramped, forced to upgrade. can meet demand. Especially girls who take photos and videos is a disaster, soon there will be no memory to store data.