PUBG Mobile Korea was unexpectedly successful after 2 years of release

The 2-year release period gives PUBG Mobile – Korea more than the previous development team thought.

In March 2018, PUBG Mobile officially released the international version, including the Korean region. Since then, the game quickly built a reputation. March 2020 is the second full year of this battle royale game to gamers. For the market of kimchi, the game has had great success.

Korea is originally the homeland of PUBG, so it is not too difficult to understand the mobile version that quickly rose and received the support of players. Even those who love shooting games on PC or console platforms can not deny the attraction of PUBG Mobile when this game launched in Korea.

PUBG Mobile is still on the road to success by creating new content and taking into account feedback from the Korean gaming community. As of March 16, PUBG Mobile ranked 13th in Google Play Store sales and 11th in Apple App Store sales in the kimchi market. This is an achievement not all games have been released after 2 years. In particular, PUBG Mobile’s popularity ranking is ranked 19th on the Google Play Store and 13th on the Apple App Store in the past 24 months.

In Korea, at some point, PUBG Mobile cannot avoid competition compared to MMORPGs in the mobile game market but the game is still in the top 10 best games.

It is encouraging that in December 2019, PUBG Mobile recorded 600 million downloads in Asia, excluding China in about a year of its global launch. The game is constantly optimizing the server, stabilizing the operation of the in-game features on satisfactory specifications to help players feel secure when playing and ready to stick for a long time.

PUBG Corp also regularly organizes PUBG Mobile electronic sports tournaments for all audiences of Korea because it is one of the eSports cradles of the world. This increases the community and helps promote the appeal of the game.

PUBG Mobile is trying to write a legend of success with respectable achievements in the shooting genre. In the next year, the game will still be invested with many new and more attractive things.