Research shows that eSports help improve human skills

According to the latest research, playing games helps college and university students improve cognitive and social skills. Most parents and teachers think that playing games will waste time and money.

However, studies by the New York Institute of Technology have shown that students need to play more games. This helps them improve their social skills and increase their chances of e-sports.

In other words, eSport is a good environment to teach how people understand activities in the real world. From now on, universities play an important role in preparing students’ knowledge to enter this growing industry.

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They can invest resources in games and related academic programs. Specifically, playing action games helps children with dyslexia increase scores when testing.

Moreover, playing games also improves computational thinking, problem solving. A year-long study by professors at Northwestern University and Columbia University discovered discovering games, building their own world. They have helped gamers set goals, cultivating the ability to think.

Therefore, the game industry will need a lot of manpower, from marketing staff, consultants to media experts and game designers. In 2014, Robert Morris University – Illinois established the first student eSport team.

Since then, more than 100 schools in the US have joined the National University Esports Association. To date, this association has about 1,200 members.

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Accordingly, universities can create separate spaces for eSports such as teams, clubs. Unlike traditional sports, which always require high physical strength, all students can participate in this playground.

Only a few students can become professional gamers with a salary of millions of dollars each year. However, the rest can work in thegame industry. ESports are also related to the health field. New York Institute of Technology has established an E-Sports Medicine center with a team of doctors.

In short, esports benefits socially, cognitively and economically, far from wasting time as people say. Therefore, schools need to prepare students’ knowledge about this booming industry.