Riot Games revealed League of Legends update 9.21

Despite the release of version 9.20 a few days ago, the tweaks of 9.21 have been planned by Riot Games, not surprisingly when Kayn continues to receive buffs.

Since version 7.14, when Kayn was added to the game, up to now, this general has undergone quite a number of modifications, but all have been increased in power. Not long ago in 9.8, Kayn continued to be adjusted in a beneficial way when this champion’s Dark Assassin form will fixed the cooldown of E – Enter skill at 8s instead of 13s at level 5 like normal often.

However, this change does not help Kayn much stronger and in 9.21, Riot wants to strongly buff the less prominent champions of League of Legends such as Maokai, Warwick, Kog’maw … and of course there is Kayn’s in there too. According to the sharing of League of Legends team leader Riot Mark Yetter, version 9.21 will have the task of “stabilizing League to end the 9th ranked season, along with editing the newly made champions back in the last 9.20 version”.

LMHT: Riot Games tiết lộ kế hoạch cập nhật 9.21 - Kayn tiếp tục giữ kỷ lục chưa bao giờ bị nerf - Ảnh 1.

In this buff / nerf list, it is easy to recognize that most of the hot names in the previous versions such as Akali, Aatrox … did not appear, maybe those champions are okay and will not be adjusted. What more to fix. And we have 3 names that will get nerfed in the next version with Pyke, Garen and Shaco. Pyke is really a hero in the solo queue when he can snowball and flip too easily with his ult, so to stabilize the meta, he will be nerfed in 9.21.

Garen and Shaco are two new cases that have been reworked but proved too strong, especially Shaco’s jungling style to level 3 in 38s seems to be irreparable when no champion possesses a clean speed. Forests like Shaco. Garen is too terrible with the Conqueror when E – Judgment will now accrue this gem and both names need to be edited.

LMHT: Riot Games tiết lộ kế hoạch cập nhật 9.21 - Kayn tiếp tục giữ kỷ lục chưa bao giờ bị nerf - Ảnh 2.

Kayn, Lulu are not in such a tragic state but their strength is nothing too outstanding. Kayne is only annoyed with her Rhaast form and Lulu is a strong buff but when Kog’maw nobody plays, nobody uses this girl. Perhaps Riot Games needs to grant these champions a special strength threshold so that they are more competitive than others in the same position.