Schedule of 6 esports subjects at SEA Games 30

The owner of SEA Games 2019 has agreed to include all the competitions proposed by the member states, including new subjects such as esports. This event marked an important turning point for eSports when for the first time in history, gamers had the opportunity to compete and win a medal to bring glory to the country.

The Philippines Olympic Committee has closed the list of competitions at the Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) 2019 after months of making recommendations and consulting of the Sports Association of countries in the region. Especially, this year, at SEA Games 2019, there will be 6 contents of eSports participating in the competition, including DOTA 2, StarCraft II, Mobile Legend: Bang Bang, HearthStone, Tekken 7.

Walking around groups, social networking sites in general as well as personal Facebook of many gamers/players, the information related to VEC Fantasy Main, 360mobi Championship Series tournaments, esports or SEA Games 30 are keywords that are of particular interest.

It is not difficult to recognize, right after VEC Fantasy Main became the 360mobi Championship Series Season 3 Champion, many fans congratulated and gave many words to the team players of this team.

Esports games at SEA Games 30 will be played from December 5, 2019 and end on December 10, 2019.

The following is the specific schedule of Esports events at SEA Games 30:

5 December

– 10h00 to 15h30: Opening ceremony of Esports at SEA Games. Hearthstone Qualifiers – Tables A & B.

– 15h30 to 21h00: Mobile Legends Qualifiers – Group A & B.

6 December

– 10:00 to 11:00pm: Hearthstone Semifinals.

-11h00 to 16h40: Final win and round 1 & 2 branches lost to Starcraft II.

-16h40 to 19h00: Semifinal 1 Mobile Legend Bang Bang.

-19h00 to 21h15: Semifinal 2 Mobile Legend Bang Bang.

7 December

10:00 to 21:00: Dota 2 Qualifier – Group A & B. Mobile Union Qualifier – Group A & B.

8 December

– 9h45 to 13h00: Union Semifinals Mobile 1 & 2.

– 13:00 to 19:00: Dota 2 Semifinals 1 & 2.

9 December

– 10h00 to 12h30: Final Hearthstone (awarded gold medals).

– 18h45 to 22h00: Dota 2 final (awarded gold).

10 December

– 9h45 to 13h00: Starcraft II Finals.

– 13h30 to 15h30: Tekken 7 qualifier – Group A & B.

– 15h30 to 20h30: Double Elimination knockout round.

– 20h30 to 20h55: Tekken 7 final.