The Korean government talked about eSports after the Griffin scandal

The South Korean government has stated that it will be determined to tighten its control of esports organizations to ensure fair play for esports athletes.

Last November, the Korean e-sports community issued a petition urging the government to re-investigate South Korean Riot’s punishment with former coach Kim “cvMax” Dae-ho (now in Kingzone). DragonX) and director Cho Gyu-nam of Griffin.

Since it was signed by more than 200,000 people within 30 days, the Korean government is responsible for official feedback on the issue. Recently, Korean Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Park Yang-woo aired to provide the government’s answer.

According to Park, the Korean government will do everything it can to create a clean environment so gamers can focus on playing, as well as strengthening protections, ensuring unfair contracts. will not happen in the future. The Government will implement three main measures as follows:

Firstly, to issue a standard contract form for e-sports athletes in March, after consulting with experts, athletes, athletes in this field. In particular, will There is a separate form for teenagers, to ensure they are not exploited and treated unfairly.

Second, set up a player registration system (currently only applied separately in major tournaments). With the expansion of this system, the information of the players will be managed, helping protect them in unexpected situations. The system will be officially launched later this year and is under the management of the Korean E-Sports Association (KeSPA).

Third, the Korean government will set up a system to protect the players. It will help provide them with the necessary information, provide psychological counseling and advice on information such as contracts, transfers, taxes, etc.

In addition, a “Dispute Resolution Committee” will be set up to help the players complain when there is an injustice, as well as warnings for violations.