The most pitiful orphan in the League of Legends

Without family arms, these generals struggled from a small, chaotic and miserable life in the bustling streets and harsh arid places.

The Justice League is where the warriors from different lands gather together for many purposes. Among them are soldiers who stand up to protect their homeland, there are guilt-minded souls who want to rebuild their lives, and there are also lives that simply have nothing left to lose and nowhere to go about. Without family arms, they struggled from small and chaotic, miserable life in the hustle and harsh arid streets. Today, we invite you to join us to learn about the life of Annie – one of the poorest orphaned generals of the League of Legends.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho tướng annie trong liên minh huyền thoại

Annie is lonely and young and born with mystical power too strong for her thoughts and restraint. For others, magic could be a divine gift, but for Annie, it was just a poisonous curse that made her lose her family and be chased out in fear and disgust. those around. A heavy fever caused Annie to fall asleep all night, and when she returned, her mother disappeared. No one knows where Amoline’s mother went, only naive Annie still believes her mother will return.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho tướng annie trong liên minh huyền thoại

As time went by, Annie’s father went to the new land and met another woman of his life – Leanna. Both became husband and wife and lived with her own daughter Daisy. The stepmother conflicts – the stepchild happens quickly, and Annie becomes even more lonely in her own home. One day, Daisy was in trouble once. Of course, Leanna blamed Annie for her son’s death. Poor Annie cried in a corner of the room, the fire flared up in the little girl sitting, spreading all over the small wooden house in the forest. Her father frantically ran over and hugged her little girl, who was huddled in the dark corner with tears in her eyes. And before the two could escape the burning house, a burning wood fell down, Gregori used all of his strength to push Annie out, and then remained silent forever in the ashes of a home.

Annie fell in love, when she woke up, she saw Leanna’s stepmother crying. As a reflex, she reached out and comforted her. But Leanna didn’t, she vented her anger and grief on her most valuable item: Tibbers. Annie was horrified by the threatening end of her mother’s life. The fear grew into rage, releasing the power of controlling potential fire, and the teddy bear turned into a monster with bright red lights around.