The most popular esports names in the world in the last decade

When it comes to esports, no one can ignore Faker. Gamers born in 1996 are a monument of League of Legends as well as the world’s Esports. In the first year of playing professionally, Faker quickly conquered the most prestigious title of League of Legends. This is the World Championship trophy in the shirt color.

While so many teammates have fallen or competed for other teams, Faker still holds the title of “Demon King” and sticks in a black and red shirt. With a variety of titles, big and small, especially the 3 world championships, Faker recognized him as the greatest gamer.

6 cái tên gây nhiều tiếng vang nhất Esports thế giới trong thập kỷ qua: Faker và Dendi, ai mới là số 1? - Ảnh 7.

Although in recent years, Faker has not achieved impressive results in international competitions. He is still the leader leading new teammates to conquer League of Korea.

And Dota 2 is one of the content that attracts the most fans in the world. If League of Legends has Faker, the legend of Dota 2 is Dendi. In Natus Vincere, he was crowned the first champion of The International in history.

And in the following years, despite not being able to get the 2nd Aegis shield, Dendi always went deep in all competitions. Dendi’s skill and highlights can keep fans watching all day long. Currently, his skills make many people regret, remembering a heroic past in the past.

6 cái tên gây nhiều tiếng vang nhất Esports thế giới trong thập kỷ qua: Faker và Dendi, ai mới là số 1? - Ảnh 4.

Astralis dominates the world CSGO platform with a high level of style and skill. They are the first team to win the Grand Slam title and a $ 1 million prize. Along with that are 3 Major titles – the most noble tournament CSGO.

In addition to their individual skills, they play as well and smoothly as any pre-programmed machines. Entering the new decade, it is still difficult to find opponents who can beat Astralis at the current level.

And currently, 5 names Topson, Ceb, Ana, Jerax and N0tail are the top names on the worldwide esports gold income table. Every gamer pocketed more than $ 5 million after two tournaments.