The path of an eSport player

Mentioning eSport players is not just talking about excellent people. Their glory is not natural, but behind it are extraordinary efforts. But for them they are nothing, they just need a dream.

Most eSports players started to play professionally at a very young age. Because only at a very young age, when your reaction speed is at its peak in life, can you compete with the best and the strongest.

A working day in a gaming house is very different from the common jobs that you can do business hours. Because of the unique nature of the job, you’ll most likely have to practice around the clock.

It sounds easy, especially for they who love to play games. But that’s when you play games for the sake of pure entertainment. If gaming becomes your main job, things will be a lot different.

To do that, you have to work hard and struggle to prove to them that you can and can find a new, better future. You also have to make your loved ones understand that eSports players are a real profession, healthy and recognized by the world.

Any eSports game has a ranking of the players with the highest gaming performance. And your job is how to enter this prestigious ranking. No matter how much time you spend practicing, how much money you have to invest to develop your abilities. If you cannot make it to the top of the best, it will be almost meaningless.

And yet, to be able to focus on the eSport career, you will need a certain amount of funding to maintain the team’s activities. No matter how you do it, maybe you apply for sponsorship, maybe you put your own capital, you can make money by streaming games.

If you can prove your ability to sponsors, teams, be recruited and poured capital by them, you can already be considered a professional player. You will have almost no time to invest in anything else. This is the pressure that has caused a lot of people to give up on the path of becoming a player.