Top 3 hated generals in League of Legends

These generals are hated simply because they are too strong, making LoL players feel unfair to face.

There are many reasons why a champion is hated in League of Legends. Maybe it’s because they have a skill set that is too bad, too boring or easily inhibiting, also because most of the players that champion are too toxic and easy to troll the game. However, some of the most hated champions are sometimes because they’re too strong, putting too much pressure on players facing them.

Here are the generals that players hate to face in League of Legends:

  1. Kai PARTA

It is quite surprising that a hot girl who won many players to choose like Kainala was on this list. The main reason comes from Kai’s rival opponent who feels that her skill set is too OP and takes too much advantage. She has the ability to create shields and has the ability to dive in with her ultimate, able to stealth and deal damage based on the target’s lost blood, has the ability to deal large area damage and can even be up Zhonya Hourglass to ensure absolute safety. It is quite understandable that a comprehensive manual general like Kainala annoys the opponent.

Top những vị tướng bị căm ghét nhất LMHT (P.2) - Ảnh 1.

  1. Azir

On the one hand, you must respect someone who spends time, energy and patience learning how to play a champion as difficult and complex as Azir, while only being able to use him for a while. Very short time each year before the pathetic nerf. On the other hand, you definitely hate it when this champion is used because you will constantly be drawn from an incredible distance and there is almost no way to gank him successfully.

Top những vị tướng bị căm ghét nhất LMHT (P.2) - Ảnh 2.

  1. Rumble

Confronting Rumble with a short-handed top laner is absolutely a nightmare. You will easily be pushed by him, extremely annoying slow and whenever you try to attack all-in, he simply raises his shield and runs away. What’s worse is that even if you somehow manage to win Rumble, he can still easily turn the tide of the game with a nice late-game in the final fight.

Top những vị tướng bị căm ghét nhất LMHT (P.2) - Ảnh 3.