Fighting Tournaments


Apex is an e-sport tournament that focuses on the fighting genre of games. During its early years, it was primarily a place to play Super Smash Bros competitively. Founded in 2009, it soon expanded to include a range of other titles. These included Pokémon, Street Fighter and Killer Instinct.

The venues have changed over time but the tournament itself has stayed within the state of New Jersey. Nintendo, the developer behind the main games played there, has served as its biggest sponsor. Known as the Super Bowl of Super Smash Bros, Apex attracts hundreds of competitors annually.

America has had the most winners at Apex. The main matches involve singles competing with each other. As more titles have been added to the roster, several multiplayer games are now more prevalent at the tournament.

Capcom Cup

The Capcom Cup is another fighting game tournament where competitors play some of the most popular titles of this genre. These include Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition and Street Fighter X Tekken. There were originally 8 qualifiers in the first tournament of 2013. The next year this was doubled to 16. As the Capcom Cup grew this was doubled once again to a 32 person format.

The tournament is most famous for the Capcom Pro Tour, a qualifying event that receives a large amount of media attention. It is an important date in the e-sports calendar. It incorporates matches from other prestigious fighting game organizations, including DreamHack and the Evolution Championship Series.

For the 2016 series, Street Fighter V replaced its predecessor as one of the main games played at Capcom. This was in order to publicize its recent release. The live streaming platform Twitch also began to sponsor the event in an effort to expand awareness about the company.