FPS Tournaments

Call of Duty World League

Call of Duty (CoD) is undoubtedly one of the most profitable first-person shooter series in all of gaming. Players take on the role of military characters who must achieve objectives by using a variety of weapons. The multiplayer online and zombie modes gained a significant amount of popularity.

Therefore, it was only going to be a matter of time before an e-sport tournament focusing on CoD was established. The first Call of Duty World League series took place at the start of 2016. Competitors are attracted by the grand prize of over $4 million awarded to winners.

The matches are divided into four different games from the CoD franchise. WWII is set during the eponymous conflict and depicts the various battles fought by the Allies and Axis Powers. Players take on roles from one of these factions. Infinite Warfare is set in the future, containing science fiction maps, costumes and weapons.

The other two games featured at the Call of Duty World League are Black Ops 3 and 4. Both have maps that are set at different times. Some are historically accurate battles, whereas others are a fictionalized version of the future.

COBX Masters

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is another exceedingly popular game that has gone on to have a tournament based on it. Players enjoy the different weapon skins that can be unlocked by progressing through the numerous missions. COBX Masters has a massive prize pool of $200000. It is a relatively recent game competition but has already established itself as a critical live e-sport event.

Winning a CS: GO game requires plenty of teamwork. Extensive knowledge of the map is the key to outmanoeuvring the opposing faction. Therefore the champions of this competition need to have played the game many times before to perfect their tactics.